We’d like to welcome renowned cardiologist Dr. Steven Gundry

Cardiac Surgeon Dr. Steven Gundry

The former President of the American Heart Association the extraordinary Dr. Steven Gundry

Renowned cardiologist Dr. Steven Gundry has some advice for everyone looking to the latest fad diets to solve their health problems.

STOP. Right now, just STOP.

If you’re trying to lose weight, help your heart or gain energy and nothing seems like it’s working -

You were seventy pounds heavier, you were going to the gym, you were running, you were hiking - what did you change?

You gotta stop focusing on what to cut out of your diet, and understand the one simple thing you gotta put in.


Millions of Americans over 40 suffer from symptoms ranging from low energy to chronic fatigue.

And the fact is, these symptoms are WARNING SIGNS for much more serious health problems…

…including diabetes, heart disease, obesity, hypertension, and much more.

When you’re feeling low energy, that’s your body screaming at you: “Help!”

My name is Dr. Steven Gundry.

I’ve been performing heart surgery and developing patented, life-saving medical technology for the last 30 years.

My colleague Leonard Bailey and I have performed more infant and pediatric heart transplants than anyone else in the world.

Believe me, I know what it’s like to feel tired all the time no matter what you do to stay healthy…

…but I’m here to tell you: it doesn’t have to be that way.

In this presentation, I’ll show you exactly how I treat my own patients suffering from low energy.

I’ve had dramatic success with this treatment, and my patients now report natural, sustained energy all day long without a “crash.”

This discovery has even been linked to your metabolism — the source of staying slim, fit, active, and healthy.

But I have to warn you…you’re not going to like what I’m about to tell you.

Because in this report, I’m going to reveal the 3 foods you might be eating right now that you should completely eliminate from your diet.

So, if you’re one of the millions of Americans who suffer from dangerously low energy levels, I urge you to keep watching this video all the way to the end.

Hi, I’m Dr. Steven Gundry.

I’m a heart surgeon, and medical researcher.

For 15 years I was Professor of Surgery and Pediatrics and Head of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Loma Linda University School of Medicine.

I’m the inventor of the “Gundry Retrograde Cardioplegia Cannula,” one of the most widely used devices to keep the human heart alive during open-heart surgery.

I was one of the original 20 surgeons who tested the world’s first artificial heart, and one of the first to use robots in surgery.

I serve as the personal physician to self-improvement guru Tony Robbins, Oscar-winning actor Alan Arkin, and I’m also famous for operating on people who no other doctor wants to.

Why? Because I refuse to accept conventional wisdom.

I performed a heart transplant from a pig to a baboon which kept the baboon alive for 28 days, the record for a transplant of this kind.

The skeptics said it could only last for a few hours…but again, I proved them wrong.

I’ve also published over 300 articles and book chapters on my medical breakthroughs…and wrote my own best-selling books called, “Dr. Gundry’s Diet Evolution,” “The Plant Paradox,” “The Plant Paradox Cookbook,” and “The Plant Paradox Quick and Easy.”

I’m very proud of the work I’ve done throughout my long career in medicine.

But 15 years ago I left the world of heart surgery to do something very different.

I founded medical institutes in Palm Springs and Santa Barbara, CA to show people how to avoid surgery.

In just a moment, I’m going to give you the very same advice I give my patients in Palm Springs to stay healthy and vibrant at any age.

I’m also going to reveal the three so-called “superfoods” you should NEVER eat under any circumstances…

…but before I do that, let me tell you the story of the patient who changed everything for me: “Big Ed.”

The year was 2001, and I was chairman at Loma Linda University. “Big Ed” was referred to me by another cardiologist from Miami, Florida.

(You see? I was the guy people saw when no one else would take their case.)

“Big Ed” was in bad shape. He was in his late 40’s and looked like an outlaw biker: long hair, scruffy beard, and a massive beer belly.

He came in with his angiogram, a “movie” showing what was happening in the arteries of his heart.

I looked at his angiogram, and I’m not gonna lie…his arteries were extremely clogged up with cholesterol plaque.

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the worst heart blockage I’ve ever seen…Big Ed was a 9.

Sadly, I had to tell him surgery would be useless and there was nothing I could do for him.

But “Big Ed” wasn’t ready to give up so easily.

He told me, “Look, that angiogram is 6 months old. In the past 6 months I’ve gone on a diet and lost 45 pounds.”

He said he’d been taking lots of supplements and eating strange, exotic fruits from a health food store. He even brought in a huge bag of supplements to show me.

“Big Ed” was convinced the diet and supplements had helped clear up his arteries.

Now, I was impressed he’d lost that much weight…but he was still overweight at 260 pounds.

I was also certain those supplements were a complete waste of time and money. I was the ultimate “anti-supplement” guy at the time.

I told him, “Good for you for losing weight, but it’s not gonna help with your heart. And those supplements? All they do is make expensive urine.”

But “Big Ed” was a persuasive man, and he finally convinced me to do a new angiogram on him.

The next day we did one…and I was blown away.

Well, in 6 months time this guy had cleaned out half the blockages in his heart…gone.

I’d never seen anything like it in all my years as a heart surgeon.

Most of his blockages had shrunk by an amazing 50%. This meant his arteries had some room to work with. And later that week I was able to give Big Ed his quintuple bypass surgery.

It was an astonishing change…and again, all he did was lose some weight and take a bunch of supplements.

Well, after the surgery I couldn’t stop thinking about the change “Big Ed” went through.

I decided to carefully examine the supplements he brought in.

Now, a lot of them were junk and really weren’t doing anything at all.

But some of them contained powerful nutrients called phytochemicals.

What shocked me was…these phytochemicals were chemically similar to expensive drugs I used in heart surgery to keep heart cells from dying.

So, I started doing some medical research into what was actually in these supplements.

And I was honestly blown away by what I found…

I found mountains of evidence proving that Big Ed’s breakthrough was not a fluke…

…that some of these phytochemicals got life-changing results in real clinical trials.

Most importantly, they got results without the side-effects found in pharmaceutical drugs.

The more I discovered, the more I realized I was onto something huge.

At the time, I could never have predicted that 12 years later I’d perform my own landmark study on this discovery. How could I have known I was stumbling upon one of the “secret” building-blocks of bio-energy?

Yet, within months after this breakthrough with “Big Ed,” I had resigned from my position at Loma Linda University.

I moved to Palm Springs to set up my own private clinic: The Center for Restorative Medicine.

The research I did with Big Ed’s bag of supplements showed me what you SHOULD be putting in your body to boost energy, increase metabolism, and get back the physical stamina and vitality you felt in your 30’s.

…but it also showed me what you need to AVOID putting into your body at all costs.

And that brings me to the 3 so-called “superfoods” you should never, ever eat. I actually call them “Toxic Superfoods.”

Let’s get right to it…

TOXIC “SUPERFOOD” #1: Soy Products

The craze for processed soy products took off in the early 90’s when the soy industry started investing like crazy.

They started marketing soy products as “super health foods.” To this day, soy producers spend millions to deceive the American public. And it works…

Between 2000 and 2007, US food manufacturers introduced over 2,700 new processed soy products, things like:

• Tofu

• Soy Milk

• Soybean oil

• Veggie burgers

And as of 2007, 85% of American consumers believe that soy products are healthy.

But the fact is, soy products are anything but healthy…and I advise my patients to cut them out completely.

I’ve read hundreds of studies linking these soy products to digestive problems, immune-system breakdowns, cognitive decline, reproductive disorders & infertility…even cancer and heart disease.

Now I’m going give you two reasons why you should never eat soy products again if you’re serious about significantly boosting your energy levels.

First of all, soy is chock-full of a compound called phytoestrogen. Once it gets in your body, phytoestrogen disrupts your adrenal gland, your thyroid gland…and could even cause infertility or breast cancer in women.

For men, too much estrogen is a nightmare…it affects your body shape, your weight, your sex drive, and your fertility, too.

Moreover, estrogen is the hormone that tells your body — men and women both — to store fat!

Okay, here’s the second and most important reason you should never eat soy products again…

Soy contains goitrogens, a substance which disrupts your thyroid gland…and your thyroid gland has a huge impact on your energy levels.

Let me ask you if any of this sounds familiar: feeling sluggish in the morning, trouble concentrating, dry skin, low sex drive, high cholesterol, weight gain.

If any of that does sound familiar, you could very well be suffering from hypothyroidism.

It’s a serious condition that creates dozens of health problems…and the goitrogens in soy products — including the soy milk and the veggie burgers which might be in your fridge right now — contribute to this condition.

That’s why soy tops my list as the #1 “health food” to cut out of your diet, because it’s literally draining your vitality from inside your body at one of your key energy sources: your thyroid gland.

Let’s move on to…

TOXIC “SUPERFOOD” #2: Wheatgrass

You’ve seen wheatgrass shots at Jamba Juice and other popular stores…and if you believed what they said, you’d think wheatgrass was a “miracle cure” for dozens of health problems.

But is any of it true?

One of the big claims they make about wheatgrass is that it has a high “chlorophyll” content.

Now, this is something that seriously infuriates me…

If anyone tries to tell you to eat foods because they’re high in chlorophyll, I want you to stop listening immediately.

Why? Because human beings can’t digest grass.

Our bodies weren’t built to absorb any nutrients from wheatgrass or any other kind of grass…

…because you need 4 stomachs like a cow to digest grasses!

So, the chlorophyll in wheatgrass is totally useless to you.

The real truth is, wheatgrass is just…grass.

It tastes horrible, and it’s super expensive: a tiny, 2 ounce wheatgrass shot at Jamba Juice costs close to three dollars!

Worse than that, it contains powerful plant toxins that are designed to make you sick. Ever notice that when a dog wants to throw up, it eats grass? Yep…dogs aren’t supposed to eat grass either.

And finally, the last “Toxic Superfood” on my list…

TOXIC “SUPERFOOD” #3: Goji Berries

Goji berries were used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries…that’s how they got the attention of the guys who started the “superfoods” craze years ago.

Since then, the “health food” industry has claimed they help your circulation, boost your immune system…even protect against cancer!

The problem is…there’s absolutely no evidence that goji berries do any such thing.

In fact, in 2006 the FDA warned two separate goji berry manufacturers for making unsubstantiated health claims.

But goji berries are not only ineffective, they’re actually harmful.

But here’s why everyone should avoid goji berries like the plague…

You see, goji berries are a member of the nightshade family of plants.

Nightshade plants are extremely high in a very dangerous kind of protein called LECTINS.

And I believe lectins are one of the single worst things humans can put in their bodies.

Lectins are powerful, toxic allergens…and they’re found in many of the foods you eat every day, not just goji berries.

You’ve heard of gluten allergies? Lectins create far more dangerous allergic reactions than gluten.

Lectins completely disrupt your immune system and prevent your body from healing itself.

But lectins also have even more serious consequences.

Lectins break through your intestinal barrier and cause a syndrome called “leaky gut.”

And when they break through your intestinal wall, small particles of toxic bacteria get through with them.

It’s these toxic bacteria that actually cause massive inflammation to almost every part of your body, creating huge problems:

• fatigue

• muscle & joint pain

• obesity

• arthritis

• kidney failure

• skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis

• painful digestive disorders

Your immune system has to work hard to fight the inflammation caused by lectins…and that’s draining your body of the energy it needs for other things.

But that’s not even the worst of it!

Lectins actually weaken your blood vessels, a condition called endothelial dysfunction.

And this is a serious condition…it’s been linked to hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and septic shock !

I saw this pattern repeatedly in my practice: patients who ate a diet high in lectins were exhibiting all kinds of signs of cardiovascular disease.

It happened so often, I decided to conduct my own clinical study on it.

I took 200 men and women between the ages of 51 and 86 — most were already suffering from endothelial dysfunction and all were at risk of cardiovascular disease. These markers are on average for most Americans in this age group.

First, I eliminated all foods containing lectins from their diet.

Next, I developed a unique combination of supplements which were especially high in polyphenols…

(I’ll tell you more about polyphenols later in this letter…they have incredible health and energy benefits across the board.)

And that’s all I did: a) eliminate lectins, b) boost polyphenols.

Well, after just 6 months…I had some incredible — absolutely phenomenal — results.

When I presented the results of this study to the American Heart Association in May of 2013, the conference was stunned…

Those two simple changes — eliminating lectins and boosting polyphenols — created a 72% decrease in endothelial dysfunction!

Isn’t that amazing? That’s just a massive, massive improvement in blood vessel function.

Not only that, but I saw the markers for cardiovascular disease decrease in 100% of the participants!

Now, I’ve given you a lot of information so far,

But it’s my job as a physician to make this stuff easy for you to understand and, more importantly, to boil it down into simple steps you can actually use to get some life-changing results.

Here’s where I’m going to connect all the dots for you…

So, again, I learned two crucial things from the study I presented to the American Heart Association in 2013.

1) Lectins are bad news and you should avoid them as much as possible.

Trouble is, it’s almost impossible to cut out lectins completely. They’re in lots of things…from wheat grains, to certain nuts, eggplant, tomatoes, potatoes, and peppers.

Yes, you can easily cut out goji berries, but let’s be honest: it’s almost impossible to cut out things like tomatoes or potatoes!

And that’s why the second thing my study proved is even more important, especially when we’re talking about combatting fatigue and cranking up both your mental and physical energy levels…

2) Polyphenols are the most important nutrient you’re NOT getting in your diet right now, and you NEED to be getting as much of them as possible.

Now, where did I get the idea to develop a polyphenol blend for my study?

It all goes back to “Big Ed”…

Remember Big Ed and all the supplements and weird fruits he was eating?

This was what they all had in common — polyphenols!

He didn’t know it at the time, but those supplements and particularly those fruits were incredibly rich in polyphenols.

He was eating things like pomegranates, blueberries…and more exotic stuff like mulberries and Aronia cherries.

Turns out, he’d just randomly picked some exotic fruits at the health food store…

What amazing luck! He had no idea of the incredible power these specific fruits packed.

You see, these kinds of dark berries are super-dense with polyphenols, a micronutrient found in plants.

But what interests us here is the fact that these micronutrients, when digested by the human body, are actually incredibly powerful energy boosters.

And after I had proof polyphenols worked — remember, they helped “Big Ed” lose 45 pounds and reduced the blockage in his arteries by 50% — I went to work studying them at my research institute, The Center for Restorative Medicine.

Now I’m going to tell you why the polyphenols found in dark berries are so amazing and why you need to be getting as much into your body as possible…

I just told you about my own study at the American Heart Association proving polyphenols can lower your risk of heart disease. But I wasn’t the only one…other studies got the same results. [3]

But I soon discovered that polyphenols don’t just help with your heart, they actually help your body in a vast number of ways, including:

✓ boosting metabolic function

✓ fighting inflammation in almost every part of your body

✓ reducing visible signs of aging

✓ helping to lower cholesterol

✓ regulating your blood sugar levels

✓ boosting your immune system

✓ reducing joint pain

✓ reducing digestive discomfort

✓ keeping your skin healthy and firm

✓ and even activating anti-aging genes.

But the most important discovery I made about polyphenols was this…

Polyphenols boost your metabolism and accelerate your body’s production of energy.

And this takes us back to why you’re here in the first place…

Because you — and millions of Americans over the age of 40 — are suffering from dangerously low energy.

Like most of my patients, you might think it’s just a “normal” part of getting older.

But it’s definitely not “normal” for your energy levels to decline as you age.

In fact, human beings used to have way more natural energy.

How do I know all this? Because it was actually one of my specific areas of medical study. When I was in school at Yale University, my Master’s thesis was on the history of the human diet — 165 pages, no less.

To understand why our ancestors had so much more natural energy, we have to look at their diet.

Back then, people only ate what they hunted or what they found…and meat was only 10% of their diet.

The rest of it? Leafy greens and roots that grew in the ground. Fruits and nuts that grew on trees. And, most important, berries. Lots and lots of berries

And that was a fantastic piece of luck for our ancestors, because these berries are packed with nutrients, particularly polyphenols.

Modern research shows us that plant polyphenols are almost a “perfect” energy nutrient for the human body.

Studies show that the polyphenols in dark berries (like mulberries) positively affect your energy metabolism, they improve your vascular system, and they’re extremely effective at helping to control your blood glucose levels.

Your blood glucose metabolism…that’s your body’s source of energy.

So, these berries…they gave us all the energy we needed, because they were full of polyphenols.

But then around 10,000 years ago, something changed: Human beings invented agriculture.

All of a sudden we started eating grains like barley and wheat.

This ended up being terrible for human beings! Because, the fact is…your body converts the carbs from grains into fat, not energy.

Let me say that again…

Before agriculture, we ate plants with polyphenols…which your body converts into energy.

But after we started farming, we ate grains with empty carbs…which your body converts into fat.

In fact, plant polyphenols actually help your body burn fat, and they’re easier to digest than grains or starches.

During my research on polyphenols, this was when it clicked for me. My “ah-ha” moment was when I realized…

Plant polyphenols were the most important part of our diet, and then all of a sudden we weren’t eating them anymore! We were just mostly eating grains or starches.

This is why so many Americans have such low energy levels…our diet is based on eating grains, corn products, potatoes — empty carbs that convert straight to fat instead of energy. And we’re missing the key thing we’re actually supposed to be eating: polyphenols.

So, it became very clear to me: polyphenols are absolutely critical for clean, long-lasting energy.

I knew polyphenols could help my patients who were experiencing low energy levels, slow metabolism, and weight gain…in other words, the vast majority of my patients!

I started recommending that they pick up some of these “weird fruits” wherever they could find them, and start eating them as much as possible.

And right away I started seeing results.

One after the other, patients came back telling me, “Doctor G., you can’t believe what I’m feeling!”

It was an astonishing turnaround…

A patient in his 60’s told me he was not only playing more golf than ever…he’d actually started training for a marathon! I told him, “Slow down! Start with a 10k.”

A 56-year old woman I’ve been treating for years said she felt a charge of energy everyday right after she ate her “super berries,” as she called them. She was so committed to this, she drove 20 miles out of town to an organic farmer’s market every week to pick up huge cartons of these fruits.

Even some of my older patients who had been almost crippled by fatigue were calling me and telling me how much better they felt…how wonderful it felt to not have to cut short their visits with relatives because they were just too tired.

So, I’ve seen this work on regular people in real life.

My staff and I found lots more proof that polyphenols not only revitalize your natural energy, they have all sorts of other huge benefits.

Polyphenols can help you get the body you want, help lower your risk for heart disease, and help alleviate some of your worst digestive problems.

Let me just give you 3 quick examples

Polyphenols Make You Feel Better And Help You Live Longer

A 12-year study looked at the lifespan of people who ate high-polyphenol diets compared to people who ate low-polyphenol diets. [6]

The results were just incredible…

Over those 12 years, the group of people with high-polyphenol diets had 30% fewer deaths than the control group. [6]

Let me say that again...during the 12 year study, people who ate foods with LOTS of polyphenols died 30% less than people who didn't eat a lot of polyphenols!

Polyphenols Help Balance Your Cholesterol Levels

We’ve seen a type of polyphenol known as anthocyanins — found in certain berries — decrease your LDL, or bad, cholesterol levels…and simultaneously increase your HDL, or good, cholesterol levels.

And, as you know, getting your cholesterol in check is the best way to lower your risk of heart disease, the #1 killer in America for both men and women.

Polyphenols Strengthen Your Digestive System, Helping To Eliminate Gas & Bloating.

A group of scientists in New Zealand discovered some amazing news about how polyphenols help you digest food better. [8]

What happens is this: polyphenols are fuel for the microorganisms in your digestive system known as “probiotics.”

You see, your intestines have huge colonies of “probiotics” that help you digest your favorite foods without gas, bloating, abdominal discomfort, diarrhea, or constipation.

But probiotics need a constant supply of fuel to do their work…and polyphenols are what they eat. As lead researcher Dr. Shanthi Parkar says:

“Our research has shown that the polyphenols found in fruits and vegetables are broken down by bacteria in the colon. Our studies…have shown they influence the microorganisms for use as ingredients in functional foods that promote gut health.” [9]

These bacteria, your probiotics, are not only essential to good digestion, but to your immune system as well. 70% of your immune system lives in your digestive tract with your probiotics, in fact! They’re also very important to your body’s production of cellular energy.

I’m going to tell you more about probiotics later in this video, so keep watching because this stuff is really groundbreaking in the medical world right now.

So, the evidence is very clear: a polyphenol-rich diet can help you feel better, live longer, and feel more vital energy.

But the problem is, most people in America are incredibly deficient in polyphenols.

This is simply because our diet just doesn’t contain a lot of these rare fruits with high polyphenol levels.

I believe a polyphenol deficiency could be behind many, if not all, of the modern health problems that plague Americans.

Let’s face it, these are not things you’re going to find in most restaurants or even in most grocery stores: mulberries, Aronia cherries, bilberries, Acai berries, berberine extract.

And even the ones you can find easily — blueberries, cranberries, pomegranate, blackberries — they’re expensive and it’s just not practical to eat huge bowls of these things everyday, which is basically what I recommended to my patients.

But the patients who did commit to the expense and to this huge lifestyle shift got great results. Here’s what they had to report*…

(*These results are not typical. Your results can and will vary. )

✓ An amazing charge of sustainable energy

✓ Less fat build-up around belly, thighs, and waist

✓ Improved mental focus and concentration

✓ Better digestion (less gas, bloating, & abdominal pain)

✓ Better circulation and bloodflow

✓ Higher physical stamina and a more active lifestyle

Of course, I was using the diet myself! And when I added these polyphenol-rich fruits to my diet, I noticed an immediate change.

I was waking up every day with tons of energy…sleeping better…my mental focus and concentration was much stronger.

I was feeling better after I ate, and I stopped having the problems with gas and constipation I’d been suffering from.

But I knew that if I really wanted the full benefits from these polyphenol-rich fruits, I had to consume extremely large amounts of them…

…and after a couple weeks, I noticed there were two big problems with that:

1) First, it’s often very hard to find many of the fruits with the highest levels of polyphenols.

2) Second, and most important, these fruits are very expensive.

Remember Big Ed?

His experience with these high-polyphenol fruits was what inspired this whole experiment.

At the time, I asked him, “Are you still eating all these weird fruits?”

He told me he’d love to be able to keep eating them all the time…but he just couldn’t afford it.

And it’s true…it’s very expensive and very impractical to get your polyphenols by eating the actual fruits.

Now, a much better way to do it is to get high-quality fruit extracts in concentrated form.

That way you can get very high amounts of polyphenols into your body quickly, without the hassle, without the expense…

…but the problem with that is, how do you get the extracts?

Well, since I put this video together, I’ve received hundreds of letters from people asking me that very question:

“How do I get the extracts? Is there a product out there already? What do you recommend?”

And the fact is, yes — there were some commercially available polyphenol blends out there — but actually NONE of them met my firm criteria and I refused to endorse any of them.

You see, for me to endorse a polyphenol blend, I’ve got some difficult criteria to meet:

1) It had to contain NO ingredients with lectins

2) It had to be completely soy-free

3) It had to be made in the USA in a CGMP-certified facility

4) It had to be 3rd-party verified for level of polyphenol content

I looked hard for a product on the market that met these demands, but it simply didn’t exist.

I also experimented with making some small-batch extracts for patients in my clinic, and I knew they worked…but again, there was nothing worth endorsing from any of the commercial suppliers.

So, in July of 2015, I decided to do something about it.

I set out to make my own polyphenol-rich blend of fruit extracts — and I was going to do it right.

I used what I’d learned in my 30 plus years in medicine on this project.

I tested hundreds of different fruits and vegetables for polyphenol content…and I carefully determined which had the highest levels.

I narrowed it down to 25 ingredients, confident that these would help my patients the most.

Next, I searched for a highly reputable facility here in the US where the polyphenol extraction could be done to my standards.

Most commercial supplement facilities simply fall very short…using outdated technology and impure conditions.

Eventually, I found a facility in Salt Lake City, Utah where I felt completely confident in the process.

Then, the real testing began…at my own facility and at another independent facility in northern California.

I went through 10 different batches before it finally met my criteria.

Why did I go to such extreme measures?

Because I had real patients with real problems — people suffering from fatigue, weight issues, slow metabolism, low energy — and I knew only the best ingredients and the purest extracts would help alleviate these symptoms.

Finally, I tested this formula on several user groups in mid-2015. I wanted to find out exactly how it worked when regular people used it everyday without changing their lifestyle or diet.

And the results of these user groups simply blew me away. They far exceeded my expectations.

• 93% of users report less overall fatigue

• 89% report feeling less sluggish after meals

• 93% of users said they’re digesting their food better

• 96% said their energy increase is helping them focus & concentrate better

• 89% report less problems with gas or bloating

• and an amazing 96% of users report more overall energy!

When I first saw these results, I was incredibly moved. This was a profound moment for me – the culmination of years of research – real proof that a natural solution without drugs or surgery could help people live healthier, happier, more active lives.

That’s why I’m incredibly excited to introduce to you today…Gundry MD Vital Reds™.

If you’ve heard this name over the past few months, it’s because this video has helped spread the word to so many people who needed help.

As of right now, it’s already in the hands of thousands of people across the country who are enjoying the energy benefits this product delivers.

Here’s what people are saying about Vital Reds…

“Vital Reds has actually changed my life because I have more energy all day. I’m sleeping better and I can focus in every moment. I have lost weight because I have less stress and I’m eating less. Vital Reds is great!” *

— Licia A., age 54

“Vital Reds has helped me to have better mental focus, a sharper mind, and a better attitude. I feel like I have a lot more energy, and I have also lost 3 to 4 lbs (maybe because I have been more active!) I have tried a lot of products that have made great promises/claims, but none have actually produced what I have experienced with Vital Reds.” *

— Dian Singh, age 64

“Since taking Vital Reds, I no longer experience stomach pains due to bowel obstruction which causes gas, bloating, and lethargy. I find that I have more energy during the day, and get more accomplished. I have also found that I have fewer "SWEET" cravings. Another great thing about Vital Reds is that it tastes good, and fills you up, without making you feel bloated. I’ve seen only POSITIVE results with this product.” *

— Elaine B., age 49

Based on reports from our user groups, here's what you can expect from taking just one glass of Gundry MD Vital Reds per day...

✓ Enhanced bio-energy which keeps you running all day long

✓ Vastly improved digestion (which means you'll absorb more nutrients from your food!)

✓ The feeling of pure energy you get when you're metabolizing food better

✓ Much less gas and bloating after meals, and smoother bowel movements, too.

✓ More mental energy, deeper concentration, and better moods

✓ The feeling of finally having the power to burn fat and start getting your weight under control.

There’s not another product on the market that even resembles the complexity of the formula I’ve put together for this blend.

And most important, I’ve made this formula available in a powder you can drink, right in the comfort of your own home.

You just mix a small scoop of Gundry MD Vital Reds™ with water or any other beverage you like. It dissolves quickly and has a fantastic berry taste you’re going to love.

It’s as easy as that…one glass a day and this incredible combination of ingredients goes to work in your body…

…creating an almost instant energy boost you’re going to feel…

…and, over time, helping your body repair the inflammation and cellular damage that’s responsible for more serious health problems as you get older.

So, I know you’re probably wondering how you can get your hands on Gundry MD Vital Reds™, but first let me just tell you what’s in it and how it works…

1) Aronia Cherries have one of the highest levels of polyphenols of any fruit on the planet.

They offer protection against inflammation and literally dozens of other very common age-related conditions.

I love them because they’re such powerful inflammation fighters. And inflammation is not only the cause of so many serious medical conditions, but it also saps your energy…so that’s why these cherries are essential to Gundry MD Vital Reds™.

2) Pomegranate Extract. It’s been getting a lot of attention recently, for good reason.

I’m a huge believer in pomegranate extract because it can help lower your risk factors for a number of serious issues, including high cholesterol, and oxidative stress, and joint pain. We've even seen the anti-inflammatory properties of pomegranate can help lower your risk for obesity! [16]

3) Mulberry Extract. This is a powerful ingredient I’m most excited about right now — let me tell you why…

Mulberry extract is extremely effective at helping to control your weight and helps dramatically accelerate weight loss. [11]

We’ve seen proof that mulberry extract also helps decrease total cholesterol and “bad” LDL cholesterol levels. [12]

Mulberry is good for your heart, it’s good for your waistline, and it’s good for helping you live a longer and healthier life.

And that’s just three of the ingredients in my Vital Reds Blend…

In all, it has no less than 25 unique fruit sources, each packed with the energy-boosting power of polyphenols.

I’ll give you the full list of the 25 polyphenol sources in Gundry MD Vital Reds™ at the end of this video, so make sure to keep watching.

But I didn’t stop with this amazing blend of polyphenol-rich fruit extracts.

I wanted to help my patients get their weight under control without severely restricting their diets or making huge changes to their lifestyle.

So I put together a Metabolic-Enhancing Blend with 8 unique ingredients…each of them proven to crank up your metabolism, burn fat, and give you incredibly clean, long-lasting energy throughout the day.

These ingredients all have thermogenic properties, which means they’re powerful fat-burners. Let me quickly tell you about just two of them…

First, Bitter Melon Extract

As the name suggests, this fruit is extremely bitter…but you’ll never have to taste it because you’re getting a potent extract in Gundry MD Vital Reds™.

Bitter melon is good for your bladder, is great for your skin, and it helps keep your cholesterol levels in check.

But the main reason it’s in my formula is because it increases your body’s metabolism of glucose.

This is important for two reasons…

1) Faster metabolism helps keep your energy levels stable and prevent energy 'crashes.'

2) Bitter Melon Extract also helps you get and maintain a healthy weight consistently. When you’re processing carbs and sugar into real energy you can use — and not into fat — you’re making real progress toward controlling your weight.

Next, Green Tea Extract

Now, you’re certainly familiar with green tea, but what you may not know is just how powerful it is in terms of boosting your metabolism.

First of all, green tea extract contains large amounts of polyphenols…giving it a huge number of health benefits across the board: helping to balance cholesterol levels, detoxifying your liver, reducing inflammation in your intestines, and lots more.

But green tea extract is in my formula because it’s a potent fat-burner.

The active compound in green tea extract, EGCG, actually increases fat oxidation in overweight men and women. [13]

Researchers at Penn State found that green tea extract reduced symptoms of metabolic syndrome and obesity in subjects on a high-fat diet. [14]

Bottom line is, green tea extract is one of the strongest fat-burning ingredients on Earth.

No wonder the Japanese — the healthiest, thinnest, and longest-lived culture in the word — consume large amounts of green tea every day.

But there are 6 more ingredients in my Metabolic-Enhancing Blend, each proven to speed up your metabolism and help turn your body into an efficient fat-burning, energy-producing machine. Stay tuned to the end of this video to see the full list of ingredients.

But I didn’t stop there…

I also wanted this formula to have the power to truly transform your digestion. All health begins in the gut, and to restore your digestive health I needed to add more to the formula…

So, I created a Digestive Support Blend to help eliminate your problems with gas and bloating, to let you enjoy the foods you love most, and to help you absorb more nutrients out of those foods.

To make this Digestive Support Blend work, I turned to something I mentioned earlier in this video: PROBIOTICS

Probiotics positively influence almost every area of your health: your mood, your metabolism, your skin, your sex drive, your energy levels, your immune system, and especially your digestion.

And probiotics are recognized across the board by scientists and physicians…

In the words of Dr. Allan Walker, Professor of Nutrition and Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School:

“Evidence from clinical research demonstrates that adding ‘good’ bacteria to the diet promotes a healthy digestive and immune system.”

We’ve got fantastic evidence that probiotics help reduce gas, bloating, and abdominal pain. [15]

More important, I’ve seen the tremendous boost in vitality in my patients — I can see it on their faces — who started taking probiotics.

So, my professional opinion on probiotics is this — and you can quote me on this…

“Probiotics have an incredible power to transform your digestion and create bio-energy.

They make your body run better, they fight disease, they give you more energy from your food, and allow you to eat the foods you want without the digestive discomfort that plagues so many of us.”

And that’s why the Digestive Support Blend in Gundry MD Vital Reds™ contains 4 unique strains of probiotics…L. acidophilus, B. lactis, B. coagulans, and L. reuteri.

I’ve also included several other ingredients in this blend which feed and support these probiotics so they can make real, lasting changes to your digestive system.

But there’s still more in my groundbreaking new formula…

Gundry MD Vital Reds™ is also packed with a vitamin and mineral blend that rivals some daily multivitamins.

Now, again…this is an energy formula.

And if you want energy, you need Vitamin B — the energy vitamin.

But, the fact is, you actually need multiple forms of Vitamin B to effectively boost natural energy.

That’s why I’m giving you all 8 essential forms of Vitamin B in this blend. A complex vitamin B blend is critical for your energy production.

So, in all, you’re getting 4 distinct formulas-in-one with Gundry MD Vital Reds…

✓ My Polyphenol Blend with 25 unique superfruits to help eliminate fatigue, boost energy, keep your heart healthy, and actually help you live longer.

✓ My Metabolic-Enhancing Blend with 8 unique thermogenic ingredients to crank up your metabolism, burn fat, and help you finally get your weight under control.

✓ My Digestive Support Blend with 5 powerful strains of probiotics to help eliminate gas and bloating, give you easy, pain-free bowel movements, and finally let you eat your favorite foods without digestive discomfort.

✓ And My Vitamin & Mineral Blend which gives you each and every key form of vitamin B (the energy vitamin) as well as most of your essential minerals.

This combination of almost 50 unique ingredients has already helped so many people at my private practice in Palm Springs…and I want to spread the word even more.

Right now, I’d love to invite you to try Gundry MD Vital Reds™ for yourself.

Let me tell you how you can get it…

Now, if you were to purchase all the ingredients in just the Polyphenol Blend, it would cost you upwards of $400 per month! If you added all the ingredients in the Metabolic Enhancing Blend and the Digestive Support Blend, that would run you an additional $150.

The fact is, this is a highly complex formula with dozens of exotic and expensive ingredients.

One top of that, I can only produce small batches due to the rigorous quality controls I insist upon. Needless to say, I have only a very limited supply of this product at any given time.

On my website, the regular price of a one-month supply of Vital Reds is $69.95. That price is firm, no matter what happens to the cost of my raw ingredients as the market fluctuates.

But you’re not going to pay $69.95 today, not even close.

Because you discovered this online video presentation today…I’d like to offer you Gundry MD Vital Reds™ at a special rate for new customers only.

I want as many people as possible to experience the renewed vigor, the vitality, and the energy this product delivers…

…so I’ve decided to offer those of you who made it this far – and only for as long as supplies last – a unique opportunity to try Gundry MD™ Vitals Reds for just $49.95.


That’s an instant savings of $20!

But remember, this offer is only available to first-time customers through this video presentation – and it’s only available for the next 24 hours (or until supplies run out).

And supplies WILL sell out.

When they DO sell out, this offer will be taken down immediately and Gundry MD Vital Reds will return to its original price of $69.95.

This is an incredible opportunity, and if you take it, I only ask 2 things:

First, when you begin taking Vital Reds and you experience what I did — the vast improvement in energy, the healthier body, the surge of motivation — write in to tell me about the wonderful changes you see.

My email address is [email protected] Seeing and hearing how science changes people’s lives is probably the greatest joy I experience as a doctor.

And second — and this is equally important — please tell your friends and loved ones about the dangers of lectins on our bodies.

As you know, it’s one of the greatest threats to the health of Americans, and most people at risk have no idea that lectins and other harmful foods are so directly linked to weight gain, low energy, and many far worse health problems.

I’ve tried to do my part by creating this video. Now, we all need to spread the word.

And because you’ve made it this far, and because you’re serious about improving your mental and physical health, we’ve got some special packages available to help you even more.

You see, most of our users fall in love with Vital Reds after just their first week of use...myself included. In fact, we currently have over 900,000 members of the Gundry MD family... a number that shocks even me.

And the reason we have so many users is because when people start taking Vital Reds, they end up asking for quite a bit more… not just for themselves, but for friends and family too.

So we’ve created multi-pack options, to help you get some really big savings.

When you order a pack of 3 jars of Vital Reds, you’ll pay only $44.95 a jar.

That’s $25 off the retail price of $69.95…and you’ll get free shipping with your order today!

And if you order a package of 6 jars, you’ll save even more.

So click the “Next Step” button below right now to find out if these options are still available. If we do still have stock available from this batch, you’ll see a SUPPLY UPDATE on the product page with current inventory. I encourage you to act now if you’re serious about your health and longevity.

When this batch is sold out, the offer will be removed immediately and Vital Reds will return to its regular price of $69.95.

However, there is a way to lock in the exclusive price you’re getting right now through this video presentation…AND to save an additional 10% OFF!

Look for the “Subscribe and Save” option on the product page to claim these additional savings and lock in your price forever.

Members get guaranteed, free delivery every month so you never miss a day of Vital Reds… and you can stop or pause your subscription at any time.

Right now, you can pay as little as $1.27 per day to give you the disease-fighting, energy-boosting power of polyphenols, the fat-burning power of my metabolic blend, and so much more from the 50 unique ingredients.

Imagine trying to purchase all 50 ingredients separately…

Who has time for that?

Who could even eat all that?

That’s why I made this blend, to make it EASY for my patients to get the power of these energy-boosting superfruits without spending the time and money to find them separately.

Best of all, every single jar of Vital Reds comes with Gundry MD’s 90-Day, Money-Back Guarantee.

Yes, that means you can use every single drop, and if you don’t experience ALL of the benefits our user groups did...just send it back, and we’ll happily return every cent of your purchase price, no questions asked. Even if it’s just the empty jars.

That’s how confident we are in this groundbreaking new formula, so I want you to use it all...and experience the incredible change for yourself.

So click the “Next Step” button below, and let’s get started.

When you get to our order page, you’ll see order options for Vital Reds on the right side of the page. If you see options for our special 3 and 6 jar packages, then we still have some of those packages in stock, and the extra savings are still available.

Our website is fully protected by the latest security technology, so your order is 100% secure.

And our warehouse is based in the USA, right here in Southern California, with a team of friendly customer service specialists standing by if you have any questions.

You can call us 7 days a week at (800) 852 - 0477 with questions about your order, to hear about our lab...or just to tell us the changes you’ve started to notice since taking Vital Reds!

The feedback we’ve already received has been phenomenal — so I hope you’re able to order right now, and take advantage of the special internet-only price before it shoots up and you miss your chance.

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And incredibly, at this special Internet-Only Price, enjoying Vital Reds is actually less expensive each day than a cup of coffee.

Yet it provides a far “cleaner” type of boost — leaving you energized yet relaxed all day, without any late afternoon crash.

Imagine the feeling of taking that first sip of Vital Reds, knowing the formula was scientifically tested for years using the most advanced energy-boosting technology available.

When our polyphenol blend begins to take effect in your body, you could feel what I and other users do — the pleasant surge of energy, that feeling of pure clarity and confidence. Like the cobwebs have been brushed aside, and everything is suddenly crystal clear.

In fact, I bet after your first time using Vital Reds, you’ll say to yourself exactly what I did:

“I didn’t know I could still feel this good again!”

But remember, Vital Reds is not available in stores and our formula is incredibly difficult to produce.

So please, if you want to feel the dramatic effects of this groundbreaking energy booster, click the “Next Step” button below, while there’s still time available and we have some jars left in stock.

And best of all, a portion of every jar of Vital Reds sold goes directly to one of the most important causes in the world: CHARITY: WATER.

As you may know, 1 in 10 people worldwide don’t have access to clean drinking water, which is a major cause of illness, and even death.

Well to date, Gundry MD and Charity: Water have partnered to build multiple freshwater wells that will serve thousands of men, women, and children, And we’re building more every single month.

This is part of my core mission in life: To improve the health and wellbeing of as many

people as I can. And when you order Vital Reds, you’re part of that mission too. That’s something you can really be proud of.

Now, I’d like to get serious for a moment and talk about what’s going to happen if you DON’T start making some real changes today…

Now, unless you’re one of the tiny fraction of people who inherited the “longevity” gene, the reality is that your body will continue to deteriorate as you get older if you do nothing to stop it.

The fatigue you’re dealing with right now, the digestive discomfort, the extra weight…

…these are not problems that just go away on your own.

Yes, you could make some radical changes to your lifestyle — dramatically eliminating lots of foods from your diet, starting a comprehensive exercise plan — but these changes are very difficult to stick to.

As a surgeon, I can tell you that the longer you wait to deal with some of these symptoms, the worse they get.

I’ve seen many patients deteriorate very quickly as they age, and this is something they actually could have prevented if they’d just made a few small changes.

I’ve seen slight variations in cholesterol levels turn into heart disease.

I’ve seen minor digestive problems turn into much more serious conditions.

I’ve seen patients who didn’t handle their blood sugar problems get worse & worse, ruining their quality of life.

That’s why I’m urging you to take action today and make a positive change in your health.

Try Gundry MD Vital Reds™ right now — risk-free — and see for yourself.

One glass per day of this blend can have such a remarkable impact on so many areas of your health.

I want you to feel the charge of energy that kicks in with this formula.

I want you to feel the relief when that inflammation leaves your joints and your tissue.

I want you to feel great after you eat and to make indigestion, gas, and constipation a thing of the past.

I want you to feel the vitality you know is inside you…just waiting to come out…

Please, click the “Next Step” button below and get started right away with this investment in your future.

You can also call the phone number posted just below to place your order with my US-based customer service team.

And remember, this special first-time customer offer is only available for the next 24 hours, or until supplies run out.

Just try one bottle of Gundry MD Vital Reds™ right now, get instant savings of $20 off the price of a single bottle, and feel the effects for yourself.

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Try it for a full 90-days…and if you’re unsatisfied with the results for any reason whatsoever, you’ll get a complete refund of your money.

I’m positive you’re going to love how this product makes you feel.

I’m certain Gundry MD Vital Reds™ can help you live longer and feel better than you have in years.

For your health,

I’m Dr. Steven Gundry

Still here? You’ve probably got some questions…and that’s very common. Let me take a few moments to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Gundry MD Vital Reds.

“I’ve seen some other ‘reds powders’ at the grocery store…how is Gundry MD Vital Reds™ different?”

Before I developed this formula, I looked at the other products out there. And I saw huge problems with every one of them…so much so, I refused to recommend any of them to my patients. Here’s why…

First, most other “red powders” have added sugars or artificial sweeteners. Both are toxic to your body, and they’re also highly addictive. Gundry MD Vital Reds™ has no sugar or artificial sweeteners whatsoever.

Second, most other products contain LECTINS — and that’s absolutely a no-no for me. We talked earlier about how lectins cause inflammation all over your body…creating serious problems, including heart disease. So, Gundry MD Vital Reds has™ ZERO lectins. It also has no soy, another “toxic health food” I tell everyone to avoid.

But the big difference between Gundry MD Vital Reds™ and other “reds powders” is that I chose the ingredients for this formula based on clinical results. Look, I’m a surgeon with 30 plus years experience and a published medical researcher, so I brought that expertise to the table. This formula gets real results because it’s got proven ingredients at the right dosage.

Also, Gundry MD Vital Reds™ is not just a “reds” blend at all. It’s really a 4-in-1 formula with my Polyphenol Blend, a Metabolic Enhancing blend, a Digestive Support blend, and a Super Vitamin-B complex blend. It’s a complete package with the right stuff that works. To see the full list of ingredients, dosages, and supplement facts…just click the “Next Step” button below for more information.

“Is it safe?”


Gundry MD Vital Reds contains only 100% natural and safe ingredients. The content of every batch is tested at my own facility, and then tested again for quality and purity at an outside, 3rd-party laboratory.

And again, my formula contains none of the toxic elements you’ll find in lots of other so-called “health products.” Gundry MD Vital Reds is sugar-free, artificial sweetener-free, lectin-free, soy-free, and dairy-free.

As a physician, I’m putting my reputation on the line with this product — so you can be sure I go to great lengths to make sure every bottle is absolutely safe.

I made a pledge when I developed the Gundry MD line: I will never sell any product I wouldn’t personally recommend to a patient.

But, of course, as a physician I know that no supplement works for everyone. There's always a very small segment of the population who may be allergic or who can't tolerate certain ingredients in supplements. If you happen to be one of the very small percentage of people this applies to, simply contact our US-based customer support team for an immediate refund.

“How will I know if it’s working?”

Great question. The best thing about this formula is that you’re going to feel it very quickly. Most users report feeling a distinctive, noticeable energy charge within an hour of consuming. It may take longer for some than for others, but it’s a feeling you’re going to want again and again. *

[* These results are not typical. Your results can and will vary.]

You’ll notice a lifting of the “brain fog” that often clouds your day. Breakfast should digest more smoothly. You’ll feel better about completing tasks, one after the other…without losing steam, without losing stamina. After lunch, you’ll wonder why you don’t feel more lethargic! *

[*These results are not typical. Your results can and will vary.]

And the energy from polyphenols comes without the crash you get from caffeine, without the crash you get from sugar or empty carbs. This is a clean energy…because it’s the kind of energy your body is supposed to be getting. Polyphenol energy from plants. *

[*These results are not typical. Your results can and will vary.}

“I feel more energy and focus right off the bat to start my day. I notice less fatigue after meals and instant energy after consumption of vital reds with no ‘crashing.’ I feel NATURAL energy as opposed to the jittery anxious feeling of caffeine. I also supplement a scoop in the late afternoon for increased stamina on long days.”

— James S., age 57 *

[*These results are not typical. Your results can and will vary.]

You’ll know it’s working when you look up at the clock and it’s already 10 pm…you didn’t notice because you were busy playing cards with friends, or working on that personal project, or watching that romantic movie with your spouse without falling asleep. *

[* These results are not typical. Your results can and will vary.]

This is what I’m talking about…the real meaning of having more energy.

And, again, I’d like to point out some of the energy results from our Vital Reds™ user groups…93% of users reported less overall fatigue, 96% said they felt better and more rested upon waking, and 96% of users reported feeling more energy to get through the day. *

[*These results are not typical. Your results can and will vary.]

Look, there’s only one way to really find out if Gundry MD Vital Reds™ will work for you…and that’s to try it for yourself. If you’re ready right now to get started — and if you’re still here, you should be ready! — simply click the “Next Step” button just below.

“How do I use Gundry MD Vital Reds?”

Now, this is the best part because it’s just incredibly easy. It literally takes not even one minute out of your day. You simply mix once scoop of this powder into a beverage of your choice — water, or iced green tea, or whatever you’d like — and it’s done. I made sure this formula mixed very easily with water — you won’t get those clumps that won’t break up like you do in other drinks.

So, just one glass a day and you’re going to notice the results almost immediately. The extracts in this formula digest so easily, your body starts metabolizing them quickly into energy you can really feel.

It is important to take your Vital Reds every day on a consistent basis. I take mine every morning with breakfast so I can get my day started with a boost of long-lasting mental and physical energy.

“I take the product first thing in the morning with lemon water and sometimes I take it twice a day. I have more energy, skin and hair looks great especially my skin! I break out way less now and my skin looks more plump. Lost a few pounds of course! Bloating has gone away and my stomach is not as sensitive and keeps me regular. Great product, amazing taste! I'll continue to use this product!” *

— Dawn A., age 45

* These results are not typical. Your results can and will vary.

“What if it doesn’t work for me?”

Another great question, one we get all the time. Look, as a physician, I believe that everyone can benefit from the polyphenols, probiotics, and fat-burning thermogenics in this formula.

However, I’m experienced enough in medicine to know that people are different. An individual body can react very differently to individual compounds. I’ve even seen very effective drugs have little to no effect on certain patients…and it’s all just down to their individual body dynamics. So, even though we see positive results in almost everyone who has tried Gundry MD Vital Reds™ — there are going to be some cases with fewer results.

However, the great news is this…if the formula doesn’t get results for you, I’m going to give you your money back. In fact, if there’s any reason at all you’re unsatisfied after a full 90 days of use, I’ll return your investment. Again, my reputation is on the line here…I want every single person who comes to Gundry MD™ to have a completely positive experience. It’s my name on the label, and I’ve come too far to risk that.

So…try Gundry MD Vital Reds™ for 3 full months. If you don’t see truly remarkable results — less fatigue, stronger mental focus, better physical stamina — I’ll give you your money back, and that’s my personal guarantee.

So, please…simply click the “Next Step” button below and get started — risk-free — right now.

You’ll find detailed information on the website about the full list of ingredients in this cutting-edge formula, about myself and my medical credentials, and everything you need to know about the product.

It’s been a pleasure spending this time with you today, and I hope you’ll take action today — just click the button below — so I can get started on personally transforming your health and your energy!

For your health,

I’m Dr. Steven Gundry

Study Citations:

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Tell me if this rings a bell:

You used to eat whatever you wanted, stay the same weight, and feel great. You had energy all day long.

You never thought about things like indigestion or fatigue — or achy joints...

And now that you’ve gotten a little older... you miss the freedom you had when your body was younger and stronger.

Well, what if I told you that you didn’t have to miss it — you could get your youthful energy and health back, starting today?

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And if you’ve been feeling past your prime... you might be experiencing its effects.

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My name is Dr. Steven Gundry.

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*Results not typical. Every individual is unique; as such, your results can and will vary.

In this video, I want to show you what that addition was — and why it worked.

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*Results not typical. Every individual is unique; as such, your results can and will vary.

This is not something you’re likely to see on TV... or in a typical diet book...

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My goal is to help you start feeling younger, looking younger, getting leaner, and enjoying your favorite foods again — with as little effort as possible.*

*Results not typical. Every individual is unique; as such, your results can and will vary.

And I’m going to do that by revealing an energizing “superfood” your body is likely starving for right now.

It’s something the typical modern diet doesn’t include much of...

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When you start consuming it again, you’ll likely be surprised how quickly you start feeling a difference.

In fact, if you do exactly what I suggest in this brief presentation...

I’m confident you’ll be able to start feeling healthier and more vibrant than you have in a very long time.

And to prove it, I’m going to share some stories with you from people who’ve done precisely that.

Here’s a preview from one person — Daniel — who used the exact technique you’re about to learn:

“Never before have I felt so compelled to write in. After [doing what you suggested] for over a month, I look and feel younger, leaner, healthier, more energized, focused and determined than ever. Thank you Dr. Gundry for serving humanity with such a powerful solution.”*

~ Daniel C.

*Results not typical. Every individual is unique; as such, your results can and will vary.

You’ll hear more stories from people like Daniel — as you discover the exact superfood that helped them feel young again.

Of course, before we go further... you may be wondering why you should listen to me. How can you be sure I know what I’m talking about?

I think that’s more than a fair question. So, let me introduce myself properly.

I’m Dr. Steven Gundry. In the field of medicine, I’m honored to be considered by many as a pioneer.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have a successful career as one of the top-ranked heart surgeons in the world.

I’ve had the opportunity to set surgical records...

complete charitable medical missions in over 30 countries...

and patent nine lifesaving medical devices — which are now used worldwide.

I’ve also had the honor of spending more than 20 years as one of Castle Connolly’s Top American Doctors.

My greatest source of pride, though... is becoming a renowned nutrition researcher — and helping people change their lives through simple adjustments to what they eat.

I’ve published four New York Times Bestsellers on the topic — and I’ve opened two cutting-edge nutrition clinics in California.

And the simple, rejuvenating technique you’re about to discover is a cornerstone of my research.

It’s designed to help your body “reprogram” itself to look and act younger — using a key combination of nutrients most people are missing.

The way it works is simple:

Your body is like a computer. Food and nutrients are like data feeding into that computer.

If your body doesn’t get the data it needs... it can’t function properly.

This is the situation most people are in as they get older. Their diets are missing a few crucial components — things their bodies need in order to keep feeling youthful.

The result is the “fake aging” I talked about earlier.

However... if you DO start giving your body the missing “data”... it can streamline its own operations...

...and begin making astounding, rapid improvements to your health — naturally.

I call this the “System Upgrade” effect.

It’s something I first discovered back in 2001.

Back then, I was still overweight, fatigued, and unhealthy. And I thought medical procedures and drugs were the only way to fix health problems

Then, one day, a patient walked into my office and changed my entire view on medicine. I call him “Big Ed.”

Big Ed was an overweight biker guy with what seemed like a serious condition: inoperable heart disease.

Every doctor before me told him they couldn’t help him. Based on their tests, his arteries were too clogged and damaged to fix.

Well, when Ed came to me, he told me he’d spent six months revamping his diet and taking a pile of supplements.

He insisted I run new tests on him, instead of just going on his old charts. Well, as a seasoned surgeon... I’ll admit I was skeptical...

However, when I ran the tests... I was shocked to find he’d miraculously improved his own arteries — and his condition was no longer inoperable!

How was this possible? Ed had made a health turnaround multiple doctors had told him he couldn’t... just by eating differently!

And as a doctor, I had to know how he did it.

So, I sat down with him and analyzed what he’d been eating – along with what supplements he’d been taking.

At first, his diet didn’t seem to be all that special. Fairly healthy, sure. Lots of fruits and veggies.

The only real thing I noticed was a surprisingly large intake of berries.

He was eating them at almost every meal — blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, cranberries...

And some of them were exotic, too — like mulberries, aronia cherries, and acerola cherries.

I asked him why so many berries. He said, once he started eating them, his body seemed to crave more and more of them.

Next thing he knew, he was hooked. He constantly shopped around for new berries he hadn’t tried.

“Very interesting,” I thought. I made a note to come back to that, and I moved on to his supplements.

He had things like resveratrol — the healthy compound in red wine and pomegranates. He had a bunch of “antioxidant” tea extracts, too.

I looked at the nutrition data for these supplements, and then looked back at the berries again... and suddenly, it hit me — a connection:

Between the supplements and berries Ed was eating... he was consuming an unusually large number of polyphenols.

Polyphenols are powerful nutrients that occur in certain plants. They made up a large part of the diet of early humans. However, modern humans consume relatively few of them.

Let me show you what I found out when I began investigating the health effects of the polyphenols Ed was eating...

Before I do, though, I need to make one thing clear:

With regard to Ed’s heart, the changes he experienced were unusual. And I’m not about to tell anyone they should try to fix heart disease with polyphenols.

So, if you have heart problems, please don’t dump out your heart medicine just because you watched this video!

Your safety is important to me, and you should never make decisions about your treatment without your doctor involved.

Besides... this presentation isn’t about Ed’s heart recovery, anyway. That was just what got my attention initially.

What I want to show you right now is the additional things we discovered polyphenols had done for him — which can benefit a much larger number of people, including you.

You see, Ed’s heart health was just the tip of the iceberg. The overall effect polyphenols had on his body was fascinating.

Compared to his charts and pictures from six months before... he was almost a completely different person.

He looked younger. He felt younger, too. He talked about having twice as much energy as before. And he was no longer craving fattening foods.

His digestion and sleep were more regular, too. He was also thinking more clearly…

And best of all, he’d lost a considerable amount of weight — over 45 pounds!

As he described his improvements to me... all I could think was, “Man, I want some of what he’s having!”

Here I was — the DOCTOR — still fat, tired, gassy, and bloated...

And I knew there were countless people out there who were suffering from similar issues...

Yet, across the table from me was a patient who’d cleared those issues up for himself...

And it seemed clear polyphenols had helped him do it — even if Ed himself didn’t realize it.

“Time to put my detective hat on,” I remember thinking.

After the meeting with Ed was over, I looked back over my notes... and made a list of the polyphenols Ed had consumed the most.

And I began cross-referencing that list against any and all polyphenol research available.

What I found blew my mind...

Study after study after study... all extolling the health-boosting power of polyphenols. Why weren’t more nutritionists talking about this?

There didn’t seem to be any end to the benefits of these compounds. The deeper I dug, the more I found.

Some of the most impressive polyphenol benefits I uncovered included...

✓ supporting your metabolism

✓ helping to relieve joint stiffness

✓ helping to reduce digestive discomfort

✓ helping your skin look younger and healthier

✓ helping your cholesterol levels stay within the normal range

✓ helping your blood sugar levels stay within the normal range

✓ promoting a strong immune system

✓and even helping to activate anti-aging genes

As many benefits as I found though... I want to zero in on the three main ones that can make the biggest difference in your body...

Major Benefit #1:

Polyphenols help you stay lean and healthy.

Multiple studies have found, when you’re trying to lose weight... polyphenols can offer you powerful assistance. They accomplish this by supporting optimum metabolism in your body.

One study put two groups of people on the same weight loss diet for 90 days. One group got polyphenol-rich berry extract. The other group got a placebo.

At the end of the 90 days... scientists were amazed to find the polyphenol group lost more than THREE TIMES as much weight as the placebo group.

In another groundbreaking study, 102 overweight women were studied for weight loss over a period of 12 weeks.

Half of them got polyphenol-rich green tea extract to take daily. The other half got a placebo.

Again, at the end of the 12 weeks, the polyphenol group lost far more weight — and their waists got much smaller.

As exciting as this is, though... weight control isn’t the only benefit you can get from polyphenols...

Major Benefit #2:

Polyphenols help improve your digestion.

Several years back, a group of scientists in New Zealand made a major discovery about polyphenols and your digestion.

Turns out... polyphenols help to fuel the microorganisms in your digestive system — known as “probiotic bacteria.”

You see, your intestines depend on huge colonies of these friendly bacteria to help you digest your food — without gas, bloating, abdominal discomfort, or indigestion.

However, these friendly bacteria need a constant supply of fuel to function properly... and polyphenols are like high-octane fuel!

As lead researcher Dr. Shanthi Parkar says:

“Our research has shown that the polyphenols found in fruits and vegetables are broken down by bacteria in the colon. Our studies... have shown they influence the microorganisms for use as ingredients in functional foods that promote gut health.”

These bacteria, your probiotics, are not only essential to good digestion, but to your immune system as well. In fact, 70% of your immune system lives in your digestive tract with your gut bacteria.

Also, because your gut bacteria aid in calorie absorption... they play a huge role in your energy levels as well.

And speaking of energy, that brings us to the third major benefit of polyphenols.

Major Benefit #3:

Polyphenols help boost your energy.

You’ve just seen how polyphenols can improve your digestion and also support healthy metabolism. And both of those can boost your energy significantly.

However, there’s another, more direct way polyphenols give you more energy. They support your mitochondria.

Your mitochondria are the power centers in your cells. They make all the energy that powers your body.

Multiple studies have shown that polyphenols are crucial for optimum mitochondrial function.

And the better those mitochondria work, the more energy you have!

So, now you know polyphenols work wonders for weight control, digestion, and energy.

And these are just three of the main benefits. Polyphenols also serve as super-nutrients for your skin, heart, joints, and more.

The benefits across the board are so incredible, it should come as no surprise polyphenols have been associated with longer, healthier life.

You see, top scientists in Spain carried out an eye-opening 12-year study on polyphenols and lifespan.

They compared the longevity of people who ate high-polyphenol diets... against those who ate low-polyphenol diets.

To their amazement, over those 12 years... the high-polyphenol group had a 30% lower mortality rate than the low-polyphenol group!

This study served as a landmark, real-world demonstration of just how much power polyphenols had... to benefit your health.

So, the evidence is clear:

A polyphenol-rich diet can help you have more energy... feel younger... get slimmer... digest your food better... and enjoy a happier, healthier, longer life.

However, there’s just one catch...

Eating a polyphenol-rich diet is hard.

This is something I realized as I combed through the studies...

To get the full range of benefits, you’d have to eat a wide variety of fruits — in very large quantities.

Between all the studies I’d looked at, we’re talking about more than 20 different types of berries and fruits daily. What’s more, many of them are exotic and hard to find.

Of course, some of the polyphenols are available in supplement form. That’s what Big Ed did. He ate a ton of berries and took supplements.

But his “polyphenol habit” was costing him a lot of money! And it was also very time-consuming...

The whole thing was virtually unsustainable. He only did it because he had no other choice.

Ultimately, I realized this was why polyphenols weren’t getting more buzz in the health world...

Despite being incredibly powerful... in today’s environment, they were very impractical.

No one had the time or the money to get enough polyphenols to see real improvements in their bodies...

...not without changing their diet and lifestyle completely.

And this meant, no matter how much I told my patients about the benefits of polyphenols... they were unlikely to enjoy those benefits f irsthand.

Well, as a doctor, I couldn’t stand for this. I had to do something about it.

There needed to be an easier, more convenient, more affordable way for people to get enough of these health-boosting compounds...

...so they could see a REAL difference in their energy and health!

And this also included me, of course! As a busy health professional... I, too, needed something I could easily do in minutes a day... that could provide maximum health benefits.

So, now that I knew what polyphenols could do for the human body... it became my mission to make them accessible to as many people as possible.

So, I decided to put together a blend of all the most potent polyphenols I’d discovered — particularly the ones found in berries and hard-to-find fruits.

In order to get maximum polyphenol content in an easy-to consume format, I decided to use concentrated extracts.

And since I wanted to hedge my bets and get maximum results... I decided to enhance the polyphenol blend with some extra ingredients.

I’ll tell you much more about the special ingredients I added in a minute. So, stay tuned for that.

For now, it’s more important for you to see what happened when I put this formula in action.

Once I had the amounts of each ingredient dialed in, I decided to make the first batch as a drinkable powder — to be consumed once a day with water.

As soon as the batch was ready... I felt a wave of excitement sweep over me...

It was finally time to put all this hard work and research to the test!

If this worked, it could be the easiest, simplest, most powerful way anyone’s ever developed... to help you restore health and vitality to your body.

To be sure any results weren’t a fluke, though... I needed to test it with a diverse group of everyday people — not just myself.

So, as I began using the formula myself... I also recruited a small group of volunteers who ate typical, “Western” diets.

I gave them simple instructions to mix the formula in water and drink once each day. They weren’t told to change anything else about their diet or lifestyle.

I had them come by for check-ins every two weeks for two months.

And as I began to notice my own health improving, the user group participants also started to notice improvements.

And those improvements snowballed rapidly. By the end of the testing period, the results were simply astounding:

90% of participants said they felt less sluggish after meals — and were digesting their food better...*

*Results not typical. Every individual is unique; as such, your results can and will vary.

95% of participants readily said they felt younger...*

*Results not typical. Every individual is unique; as such, your results can and will vary.

100% — that’s EVERYONE — said they had more overall energy and less fatigue...*

*Results not typical. Every individual is unique; as such, your results can and will vary.

100% also reported feeling healthier and more confident, sleeping better, and having less “brain fog”...*

*Results not typical. Every individual is unique; as such, your results can and will vary.

And 100% reported feeling like their whole body was working better — and that they LOVED this formula!*

*Results not typical. Every individual is unique; as such, your results can and will vary.

And many wrote in personally to tell me how thrilled they were to be enjoying easier weight loss, clearer skin, more confidence, and better overall health.*

*Results not typical. Every individual is unique; as such, your results can and will vary.

One participant, Licia, had this to say:

"[This formula] has actually changed my life because I have more energy all day. I’m sleeping better and I can focus in every moment. I have lost weight because I have less stress and I’m eating less. [This formula] is great!"*

~Licia A.

*Results not typical. Every individual is unique; as such, your results can and will vary.

The benefits of using the formula were simply overwhelming...

When I saw these astonishing user group results — all while I was experiencing similar benefits myself...

I knew my rejuvenating formula had the potential to be a major breakthrough.

And best of all, it was incredibly easy to use!

Still, I wanted to see it in action out in the real world. I wanted to see if people would use it consistently — and if it would work regardless of lifestyle or diet.

So, I decided to make a larger amount and offer it to a wider group of people who had no supervision from me.

However, this meant I could no longer just make it at my clinics. I just didn’t have the capacity to do that.

To make enough, I needed to enlist the help of experts who specialized in health formula production.

So, I used my medical connections to get together with a top-level GMP-certified laboratory.

Together, we linked up with some of the world’s top suppliers of each body-revitalizing ingredient.

And we developed a finely-tuned process for producing larger batches of this formula with absolutely no loss in quality.

Once the first batch was ready, and it had passed all quality checks...

I decided to offer it to people outside of my clinics for the first time.

They had the same instructions as the test group:

Just mix one scoop with 8 ounces of water — or the beverage of their choice — and enjoy once daily. If they had any questions or feedback, they could contact me.

Well... what happened next was something that astonished even me.

I started getting bombarded with hundreds of emails from people asking how in the world I came up with this formula... that it changed their lives...

People were telling their friends about it. Those friends were calling my clinic asking for it. The response was downright incredible.

I got ecstatic messages from thousands who said they felt amazing — people like Renee:

"I love [this formula]! I look forward to starting out my mornings with a glass of it. I have noticed that this drink curbs my desire for sweets throughout the day, and a definite increase in my energy level. I haven’t felt sluggish for three weeks now. I have even noticed that my [mental clarity] has improved as well as my ability to sleep better at night. I will definitely continue to use this as part of my daily life. Thank You Dr. Gundry!!!"*

~Renee C.

*Results not typical. Every individual is unique; as such, your results can and will vary.

People also wrote how the formula helped them pick back up old activities — like Wayne:

"Energy off the scale! I feel a renewed energy level that reminds me of how I felt in my early 30’s. I’m 63 now and have started lifting weights again. Beyond expectations!"*

~Wayne N.

*Results not typical. Every individual is unique; as such, your results can and will vary.

Even better... people like Jill told me about how the formula helped them so much, they got friends to try it, too:

"I have been using it for two months now and absolutely love it! I love how it makes me feel, how it makes me regular (never knowing before what that was like) and it has actually helped me get to an all time low as far as weight.I have ordered more and have started 3 different people on it because I feel that positive about the formula!"*


*Results not typical. Every individual is unique; as such, your results can and will vary.

The messages just kept coming. And those messages told me...

I had something that could truly help people in the real world.

This could be a game-changer for anyone suffering from “false aging”...

I’m talking about the low energy, digestive problems, weight gain, brain fog, and so much more...

For countless people, it just wasn’t realistic to go shop for exotic, in-season berries, fermented foods, and natural metabolic supporters to help clear these issues up.

But now, these people could finally enjoy a simple solution — one thing they could do in just seconds...

People could finally enjoy the freedom of a leaner, healthier, more energized, more limber, better-functioning body…*

*Results not typical. Every individual is unique; as such, your results can and will vary.

And they could do it with NO significant lifestyle changes.

The only thing left to do was make sure this powerful formula became available to the whole country.

So, I worked together with my partner lab to ramp up production carefully.

And I’m happy to report that we’re able to offer our current, limited inventory publicly.

I’m proudly calling it:

Gundry MD®

Vital Reds™

Vital Reds™ is the first of its kind:

A formula designed by a leading doctor to help you break free from a wide range of frustrating health issues — such as:*

Fatigue or low energy

Inability to lose weight

Gas, bloating, and other digestive problems

Stiff, achy joints

Problems concentrating or thinking clearly

Dull or unhealthy-looking skin

And more

*Results not typical. Every individual is unique; as such, your results can and will vary.

The formula accomplishes this by giving you a concentrated blast of possibly the most powerful nutrient missing from the modern diet:


Polyphenols support all areas of your health, including digestion, energy levels, immune function, weight control, skin health, and more.

However, because it’s historically been nearly impossible to get enough polyphenols without revamping your diet and lifestyle completely — and spending a ton of money...

Most people have never gotten to enjoy the full benefits of a polyphenol-rich diet.

That’s why I’ve formulated a custom, drinkable blend for you — with all the most powerful polyphenols currently studied.

This way, you can start enjoying all-day energy, smooth digestion, clear thinking, healthier joints, easier weight loss, and feeling healthier than you’ve experienced in years...*

*Results not typical. Every individual is unique; as such, your results can and will vary.

Even better... you can do this with no major lifestyle changes, by enjoying a delicious drink each day that you can mix in seconds.

And you can be assured the formula is made at the highest standards of purity and laboratory-grade quality.

You see, we make every batch of Vital Reds™ in a top-tier GMP-certified facility, with quality checks at every stage of the process.

Not to mention, before it’s approved for release, it’s third-party checked again for quality and purity.

This way, you can rest assured there’s nothing unhealthy or unnatural in Vital Reds™...

Just groundbreaking, energizing ingredients like:

Aronia Cherries

With one of the highest polyphenol concentrations out there, these cherries have been scientifically shown to help your body maintain...

Smooth digestion

A strong immune system

Optimum liver health

Healthy blood pressure already in the normal range

Balanced cholesterol already in the normal range

Balanced blood sugar already in the normal range

And best of all, Aronia Cherries have powerful antioxidant properties, helping to protect your cells from oxidative damage — one of the leading causes of aging.

Next up is Pomegranate Extract.

Pomegranate has been shown to support healthy apoptosis — or cell turnover.

What this means is your body gets rid of old cells and cycles in new ones.

This process is how your body stays energetic, vibrant, and youthful! It helps your body fight back against excess aging and escalating health problems.

And by the way, if you’re trying to slim down, pomegranate also has been shown in multiple studies to support healthy fat burning in your body.

Just another reason I added this “superfruit” to the Vital Reds™ blend.

Next, we have Mulberry Extract.

Now, I mention slimming down a second ago. Well, if you’re looking to get lean, you’ll be glad mulberry is in the Vital Reds™ blend.

Let me tell you why...

Mulberry extract was shown in a groundbreaking human clinical study to help accelerate weight loss.

In the study, two groups of people were put on identical weight loss diets. One group was given mulberry extract. The other was not.

The mulberry group lost more than THREE TIMES as much weight as the non-mulberry group!

As a bonus, mulberry has also been scientifically shown to support optimum blood cholesterol in the normal range.

In other words, this potent berry is good for both your waistline and your heart — making it one of the most powerful ingredients in Vital Reds™.

Now, so far... I’ve only described three of the polyphenol-rich ingredients in this incredible formula.

All in all, the polyphenol blend contains 35 unique fruit sources of body-revitalizing polyphenols.

And the best part? Vital Reds™ is much more than just a polyphenol blend.

Since many of my clients want to lose weight, I’ve put together a Metabolic Support Blend with eight unique ingredients...

...all selected to support your ability to burn fat, get slim, stay healthy, and feel energized throughout the day.

One of the metabolic supporters I included is Bitter Melon Extract.

Bitter melon is great for supporting your skin, bladder, and cholesterol.

However, the main reason I’ve included bitter melon is because it helps activate an enzyme called AMPK.

AMPK assists your body in burning fat from your most stubborn areas – like your midsection. It also supports blood sugar levels in the normal range.

Another metabolic supporter in Vital Reds™ is Green Tea Extract.

Green tea is rich in a unique and powerful polyphenol called EGCG.

EGCG has been clinically shown to promote fax oxidation in adults — meaning it helps you burn fat.

And not only that, it was also shown to promote production of ATP — which is what your cells use for energy.

In other words, the more ATP your body makes with the help of EGCG... the more natural energy you have!

That’s why I included a concentrated, EGCG-rich extract of Green Tea in Vital Reds™.

This gives you an all-day charge of jitter-free energy — without all the caffeine you’d get from drinking the actual tea.

And EGCG and Bitter Melon are just two of the metabolism supporters in Vital Reds™. There are six more — all selected to help you burn fat, stay slim, and feel energized.

So, you have polyphenols... you have metabolism support... and I didn’t stop there…

I also wanted you to get powerful digestive benefits out of this formula — for two reasons:

First, the better your digestion, the better your body will absorb the other nutrients in Vital Reds™.

Second, when you have a healthy digestive tract, you can enjoy your favorite foods without fear of gas, bloating, or indigestion.

In fact, better digestion makes you feel better overall. It supports your immune system, helps your body eliminate toxins, and helps you turn calories into energy more efficiently.

As they say... all health begins in the gut.

And this is why I developed a Digestive Support Blend specifically to work with the Vital Reds formula.

For the blend, I selected a potent combination of probiotics — beneficial bacteria that help your digestive system run smoothly.

Probiotics have been positively tied to almost every area of your health: your mood, your metabolic health, your skin, your energy levels, your immune system, and especially your digestion.

They’ve been extensively studied for their ability to help reduce gas, bloating, and abdominal pain.

In the words of Dr. Allan Walker, Professor of Nutrition and Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School:

“Evidence from clinical research demonstrates that adding ‘good’ bacteria to the diet promotes a healthy digestive and immune system.”

And that’s why the Digestive Support Blend in Gundry MD Vital Reds™ contains four of the most powerful probiotic strains out there: L. acidophilus, B. lactis, B. coagulans, and L. reuteri.

I’ve also included special “prebiotic” nutrients called Fructooligosaccharides. These nutrients act like superfuel to the probiotics — so they can make real improvements in your digestive tract.

Now, between the Digestive Support Blend, the Metabolic Support Blend, and the Polyphenol Blend... I think you’ll agree this formula is incredibly powerful already...

However, there is one more thing I’ve added to make Vital Reds™ even better...

Every serving of this formula gives you a powerful, energy-boosting blend of B Vitamins.

Vitamin B is sometimes known as the “energy vitamin.”

According to research from Harvard Medical School, if you get multiple forms of Vitamin B, it can help you experience a dramatic increase in energy.

That’s why I’m giving you all eight essential forms of Vitamin B in this blend. With a comprehensive, energy-boosting Vitamin B Complex, the final piece of this total health formula is in place.

The result is the most complete body revitalization formula on the market — designed to help restore your health from head to toe.

This is why EVERYONE in the Vital Reds™ test group reported feeling like their whole body was working better overall.*

*Results not typical. Every individual is unique; as such, your results can and will vary.

And it’s why Vital Reds™ now has thousands of incredible reviews like this one from Camille:

"Vital Reds is restoring my health. My breathing, my energy, my focus, my stamina, have all vastly improved. So much so that I’m now back to an exercise regime I thought I’d never get back to. I really believe I was close to resigning to a dead self shut down by old age. Now everything has changed. I feel like I did when I was 40. I’m different. I’m better. I’m back. I’m not afraid of aging anymore because I know that I’m in the hands of a doctor who cares, who knows what he’s doing, who I can believe in. Thank you, Dr. Gundry, from the bottom of my healthy heart!!!"*

~Camille C.

*Results not typical. Every individual is unique; as such, your results can and will vary.

Amazing isn’t it? I love stories like these. Camille’s whole life changed because she decided to take one powerful formula — which took her only seconds a day.

So, now, let me ask you a question:

Are you ready to experience a dramatic, healthy change in your own life?

Are you ready to start experiencing more energy... better digestion... a leaner, more limber body... and a sharper mind... than you may have ever experienced before?*

*Results not typical. Every individual is unique; as such, your results can and will vary.

Because, if you are... it would be my honor to show you how you can try this incredible formula for yourself today.

Now, first off... I want you to know... when we decided to make our limited supply of Vital Reds™ publicly available...

My team and I looked at every possible way we could get this formula into the hands of the people who needed it.

We explored the possibility of putting Vital Reds™ in select health stores or markets...

Ultimately, though, we didn’t like how this would cut out people who didn’t live near those places.

Plus... we weren’t happy to discover the pricey markups those places would have to charge to sell this formula.

So, we decided we could best serve you and countless others who wanted to try Vital Reds™... by offering it to you directly.

This way, you can order it from anywhere — and save as much money as possible...

Because the truth is… the Vital Reds™ ingredients are all premium-grade health compounds. And I’ll be honest... they’re expensive.

If you managed to procure each ingredient individually... it could easily cost you over $150 per month...

And what’s more... you’d be on your own trying to figure out the right amounts of each ingredient for the best results...

That’s why my team and I worked tirelessly to develop Vital Reds™.

It’s a precise and powerful blend of ingredients based on years of scientific research.

And it’s been shown to work with real people... in the real world.

As a top-ranked doctor and leading nutrition researcher, I personally guided the development of this formula.

And I’ve seen firsthand the incredible benefits it can provide.

That’s why I can confidently guarantee Vital Reds™ will give you the health-revitalizing results you want.

And I do mean guarantee...

If you invest in Vital Reds™ today and it doesn’t work for you... your investment will be fully refunded to you, no questions asked.

I call this the, “You’re healthier, or it’s FREE,” guarantee!

You simply take Vital Reds™, and let it work its magic inside your body...

And if you’re not completely satisfied within 90 days, you get your purchase price back. That simple. I mean it...

If, within 90 days, you’re not feeling more alert and energetic...*

If your body doesn’t feel healthier head to toe...*

If you’re not digesting your food better...*

If it isn’t easier to lose weight...*

*Results not typical. Every individual is unique; as such, your results can and will vary.

If you don’t LOVE this formula for ANY reason at all...

I’ll have my team give you a hassle-free refund, no questions asked.

THAT’S how confident I am that this formula will change your life:

You get to try it for 90 days completely risk-free.

Even better, in addition to covering your investment with this incredible guarantee...

I’ve also made it a top priority to give you the absolute BEST price possible.

We’ve now cut out all middlemen — no stores, no markups, nothing...

...and are instead offering Vital Reds™ directly to you.

That’s why you’re NOT going to pay $150 for this unique, powerful formula. You’re not going to pay $100 for it.

Through my website, I’m proud to offer a whole month’s supply of Vital Reds™ for just $69.95. However, you’re not even going to pay that...

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Thousands are now feeling healthier... renewing their energy... getting slimmer... smoothing out their digestion... clearing out the “brain fog”... and feeling more confident...

...all thanks to nourishing their bodies with Vital Reds™!*

*Results not typical. Every individual is unique; as such, your results can and will vary.

So, to celebrate this release of this life-changing formula... I’ve decided to put together something special...

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Now, before I go... there IS one more thing I want to talk about...

I want to talk about the reason you watched this video in the first place.

If you sat through this entire report... something in it resonated with you.

Maybe you feel like something’s not right with your body.

Maybe you feel like it should be working better... you should feel better... it shouldn’t be so hard to control your weight...

Millions of Americans feel the same way.

They try to be as healthy as possible, but their health just gets worse.

They feel tired... they gain weight... they can’t focus… their digestion suffers... they feel older than they should...

Now that you understand the power of combining polyphenols, probiotics, and metabolic supporters...

You have the ability — for the first time ever — to take control and win your youthful vitality back.

Imagine that for a second. Think about what it would be like to break free from the health issues that motivated you to watch this video.

Imagine waking up in the morning, feeling fresh, with a calm sense of clarity...*

*Results not typical. Every individual is unique; as such, your results can and will vary.

Imagine getting out of bed without feeling stiff...*

*Results not typical. Every individual is unique; as such, your results can and will vary.

Think for a second about how you’d feel — looking in the mirror and seeing a slimmer body... or putting on your clothes and noticing they feel looser...*

*Results not typical. Every individual is unique; as such, your results can and will vary.

Imagine eating your favorite breakfast, lunch, or dinner without suffering digestive issues...*

*Results not typical. Every individual is unique; as such, your results can and will vary.

Imagine feeling better overall in your own skin. And think about how it would feel to have other people notice the positive changes in you.*

*Results not typical. Every individual is unique; as such, your results can and will vary.

Imagine experiencing ALL the fantastic changes you heard about earlier — which were quoted directly from people who have used Vital Reds™.*

*Results not typical. Every individual is unique; as such, your results can and will vary.

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I’m Dr. Steven Gundry. Thank you for watching.

[Long pause]

If you’re still here, then you must have some questions. That’s perfectly understandable — and very common! So, let me answer some of the questions I get most often.


How will I know when Vital Reds™ is working?

Everyone is different, but most people report feeling a difference right away, within a few days.*

*Results not typical. Every individual is unique; as such, your results can and will vary.

Often the first thing you’ll notice is a boost of jitter-free energy that stays with you throughout the day.*

*Results not typical. Every individual is unique; as such, your results can and will vary.

You’ll also likely notice you’re less hungry between meals — since your body is getting more of the nutrients it needs.*

*Results not typical. Every individual is unique; as such, your results can and will vary.

And by the end of the first week, you’ll probably start feeling more mentally clear — like a fog has been lifted. You’ll also likely start noticing your digestion is getting smoother, without as much gas or bloating. *

*Results not typical. Every individual is unique; as such, your results can and will vary.

As the weeks progress, other parts of your body will likely start feeling better, too — as the polyphenols continue to rejuvenate you.*

*Results not typical. Every individual is unique; as such, your results can and will vary.

For example, your joints will probably feel noticeably freer by the end of the first month.*

*Results not typical. Every individual is unique; as such, your results can and will vary.

And if losing weight is a goal of yours, that should get much easier, too — as your body regulates your metabolism better.*

*Results not typical. Every individual is unique; as such, your results can and will vary.

Here’s the thing, though...

If you’re like most of the Vital Reds™ users I’ve talked to...

The biggest moment won’t be when you’re first noticing any of the amazing changes I just mentioned.

It’ll be when you come across at an old picture of yourself — and you barely recognize that version of you!*

*Results not typical. Every individual is unique; as such, your results can and will vary.

You feel so much more youthful and vibrant now — so much healthier and happier. And you’ll never want to go back to the time before you discovered Vital Reds™*

*Results not typical. Every individual is unique; as such, your results can and will vary.


How do I use Vital Reds™?

The answer to this one is easy. You simply mix one scoop of Vital Reds™ with 8 oz. of water — or a beverage of your choice.

It only takes a moment, and it helps nourish and invigorate your body from head to toe!


What’s in Vital Reds™?

Vital Reds™ is a unique blend of powerful body-revitalizing ingredients like…

The Polyphenol Blend

A powerful blend of 35 unique fruit sources of polyphenols — designed to help re-nourish and re-energize every cell in your body... enabling you to start feeling more youthful and vital from the first week of use.

These include hard to find ingredients Mulberry, Acerola, and Aronia — which you’re unlikely to find elsewhere without spending a pretty penny.

The Metabolic Support Blend

A specialized blend of 8 ingredients specially selected to promote healthy fat burning and energy production in your body.

These include ingredients like Bitter Melon and Green Tea Extract — shown in groundbreaking studies to help your body turn fat into energy and slim down.

The Digestive Support Blend

A powerful blend of probiotics selected to help smooth out your digestion boost nutrient absorption, and relieve issues like gas and bloating after meals.

These include L. acidophilus, B. lactis, B. coagulans, and L. reuteri — four of the most powerful, studied probiotic strains in nutrition.

I also included fructooligosaccharides to feed the probiotics so they can give you maximum benefits.

Vitamin B Complex

This complex provides you with all eight essential forms of vitamin B — which helps you stay energized all day long without the jitters.

I have a complete list of the ingredients of Vital Reds™ on my website.


How pure is Vital Reds™?

Everyone’s body is different, and you should always consult your doctor with any questions before starting a new supplement.

That said, we take your health very seriously. And we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that every batch of Vital Reds™ is made with only the purest, highest quality ingredients available.

We run this formula through a painstaking series of quality checks before it’s ever released to you.

For people who have food allergies, though... again, please consult your physician before taking Vital Reds™ or any other supplement.


What if I don’t like Vital Reds™ or it doesn’t work for me?

This formula is designed to make a huge difference for the vast majority of people who take it.

By providing a unique combination of restorative, energizing nutrients... it’s already helped thousands feel more alive, healthier, leaner, less bloated, more confident, and happier!*

*Results not typical. Every individual is unique; as such, your results can and will vary.

That said, I know everyone’s body chemistry is different... and some people are less responsive to certain health formulas than others.

That’s why your purchase today is covered by my 90-day guarantee. Try if for 90 days. And if you don’t LOVE how you feel and look by the end of that period, you get your purchase price back. That simple!

So, now that you know about the power of Vital Reds™...

And you have the advantage of an exclusive price and a no-risk guarantee...

The next step is up to you. My team and I have provided you with an incredible way to boost your health to levels you probably haven’t experienced in years.

All you have to do is click the button below — and get your supply of Vital Reds™ now.

So, when you’re ready, click on over to the order page, and I’ll see you there!

[End of video]